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RECORDING                                                                                                                      PANEL II


Minority Rights After the Vienna Declaration: Positive Progress or

Missing in Action?











Chair: Stephanie Berry

Sussex Centre for Human Rights Research, University of Sussex

Reflections on the Role of ICERD in the Global Protection of Minorities

David Keane

Dublin City University


An Afterthought No More – Mainstreaming the Rights of Minorities in UN Treaty Body Practice

Isilay Taban

Brighton University

Global Governance on Minority Rights: Assessing Participation and Normative Trends in the UN Forum on Minority Issues

Anna-Mária Bíró and Corinne Lennox

Tom Lantos Institute; University of London

Minority Rights after the Vienna Declaration: Positive Progress, Missing in Action...or an Unfinished Story?

Fernand de Varennes

UN Special Rapporteur on Minority Issues

Wednesday, 27 September 2023
University of Vienna
Thursday, 28 September
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